Transaction Advisory Services

Transaction Advisory Services

Assuring secure, fair transactions

No matter what stage your company is at there is likely to be a need to do some sort of transaction. Whether its acquiring capital, acquiring a company, or selling your company - helping you maximize your value in that transaction is our goal at GW Legacy Advisors.

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Areas of Expertise


In today’s complex environment, setting and executing a strategy to optimize your company’s value has never been more challenging. GW Legacy Advisors is committed to bringing cleared eyed, pragmatic thinking together your smarts to deliver actionable strategies for real impact. Whether pursuing scale, new technology or entry into new markets, we can help you achieve your strategic objectives through mergers and acquisitions (M&A), divestitures and joint ventures.

Mergers & Acquisitions

GW Legacy will help you find the right fit for a strategic partnership, merger and/or acquisition. We will help you find the right target of opportunity, perform due diligence, help develop funding and deal structure options as well making the deal at the right valuation.  We will be with you every step of the way to help ensure the greatest chance of success.

Turnarounds & Bankruptcy

Organizational disruption is not new, but in today’s environment it has grown more complex. From the COVID-19 pandemic, political uncertainty, technology and supply chain disruption to customer channel changes, liquidity issues, company’s today face an unprecedented array of urgent event-driven issues against a backdrop of increasing uncertainty. Business restructuring — whether that be an operational turnaround or a financial restructuring — can be a vital tool in preserving value for a company. From refinancing and cashflow improvements, to the divestment of assets and management of liabilities, GW Legacy Advisors will help you to navigate difficult times with dignity and respect.


There are many company owners who are nearing the end of their working life and who are trying to figure out what to do with a company or asset that they have built and put their life into. GW Legacy will help you transition. Whether its through a sale, a graceful turn down, or transition to family, GW Legacy Advisors can help you maximize your value as you transition your company.

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GW Legacy Advisors has the experience to support you in all stages of your transaction. Schedule an initial consultation to explore how we can assist your next transaction.

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